Loan (NPL) Management module allows end-to-end lifecycle management of non-performing assets

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PE Front Office Loan (NPL) Management module offers capabilities to gather, monitor, manage and report data on loan performance. It tracks cashflow transactions and captures valuations in real-time. It streamlines data collection, borrower’s financials & KPIs, and enables quick analysis of the performance of the loan.

Key Features

  • Generate and manage amortization schedule and track payments as per schedule
  • Capture Loan Valuations on monthly/quarterly basis
  • Track Borrower’s Financial Information and KPIs
  • Manage Collaterals and Covenants
  • Log all the meetings, activities and tasks linked to the respective loan
  • Attach all the related emails using Email plugin
  • Link or upload all associated documents

Reports & Analytics

  • Loan Diversification Analysis
  • Loan Cashflow Analysis
  • Amortization Schedule vs Payments Report
  • Monthly & Quarterly Financials Report
  • NPL Cashflow Summary
  • NPL IRR and MoC projections (Current and Projected) – Real time and Historical